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Jean-Philippe Rameau, composer
Louis Fuzelier, librettist

Sherezade Panthaki, Zima
Victor Sicard, Adario
Robert Getchell, Damon
TBA, Don Alvar

Opera Lafayette Orchestra
Gallery Voices, Rosa Lamoreaux, Artistic Director

Ryan Brown, conductor

Set in North America, this multinational love story finds a Frenchman, a Spaniard, and an American Indian, vying for the hand of Zima, daughter of a chief. She chooses Adario, and all celebrate in “Forêts paisibles” (“Peaceful forests”), an idyllic depiction of diverse cultures living in harmony with nature and one another. This ballet héroïque was inspired by an 18th-century visit of American Indian chiefs to France, and the work was performed both as the last entrée of Les Indes Galantes and by itself. Opera Lafayette opens the program with a suite from other entrées of Les Indes Galantes. Together, the cast, Opera Lafayette Orchestra, and Gallery Voices, an acclaimed chamber vocal ensemble, highlight the incomparably rich music of this most famously gifted of French composers.