Niccolò Jommelli's Cerere Placata (1772)

Modern Premiere | New Edition

Charles Brink, Guest Conductor
Paul Peers, Stage Director

Jennifer Casey-Cabot, Cerere (Queen of Sicily and Goddess of the Harvest)
Laetitia Grimaldi, Proserpina (Cerere’s Daughter)
Stephanie Houtzeel, Titano (King of Spain, who has eloped with Proserpina)
Thomas Michael Allen, Alfeo (Cerere’s Counselor)
Arianna Zukerman, Gran Sacerdote (High Priest)
Patrick Kilbride, Giove (Jupiter)

Cerere Placata (Ceres Placated) is a festive theatrical work from 1772 celebrating the birth and baptism of Princess Maria Teresia of Naples and Sicily. The story is based on the myth of the abduction of Persephone, and tells a dramatic tale of mother and daughter in conflict, reconciling only after a surprise intercession by Jupiter. One of the most famous composers of his day, the Neapolitan master Jommelli affected the course of opera in the 18th century and was a major influence on Mozart. These performances are a modern premiere, in a new edition prepared and conducted by Charles Brink, the company’s second guest musical director and the first to conduct Opera Lafayette’s Orchestra.

A pre-performance discussion with Ryan Brown and Charles Brink will take place an hour before the performance. They will be joined by Dr. Anthony DelDonna, Professor of Musicology and Director of the Music Program at Georgetown University, for the discussion at the Kennedy Center.