Didier Rousselet is a stage director, actor, writer, Ph.D. in Theatre Studies, co-founder of Théâtre de Néon in Paris, and founder and creator of LE NEON French-American Theatre in Arlington, Virginia. Exploring the Francophone repertoire of classical and contemporary works, and performing in most productions, he directed the troupe in plays, adaptations and original creations, in French and/or English, stressing a stylized art form and the creation of tableaux, with a Néonesque physicality for which the company was known. Mr. Rousselet’s shows, including his one-man show, Portraits Parisiens, have been performed in the United States in Washington, D.C., and Atlanta, and, in France, in Paris, the Avignon Festival, and elsewhere. With a background in history and geography, Mr. Rousselet has a special interest in traveling—especially by foot—and writing. He authored Voyage dans l’histoire franco-allemande, de Paris à Berlin à pied and Vous partez aux États-Unis ? Révisez ! (Sépia Publishing). He recently completed his first documentary film, Les Lieux de Denis. He lives in Arlington with Monica Neagoy, his partner in life and on stage.