Stradella’s La Susanna (1681)
Co-production with Heartbeat Opera

Ryan Brown, conductor/music director
Ethan Heard, director
Jacob Ashworth, music director
Reid Thompson, scenic design
Oliver Wason, lighting design
Beth Goldenberg, costume design

Lucía Martín Cartón, Susanna
Sara Couden, Testo
Ariana Douglas, Daniel
Patrick Kilbride, Elder
Paul Max Tipton, Elder

Two judges desire the beautiful Susanna. When she rejects their advances, they exploit their power in an attempt to destroy her. It’s the Bible’s iconic story of sexual harassment and the perversion of justice. Originally conceived with a male narrator and male savior, Stradella’s seductive oratorio from 1681 becomes a powerful and complicated opera for 2019, with women as both storyteller and savior.

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