Monica Neagoy is a stage director, actor, choreographer, and artistic co-director of LE NEON French-American Theatre, for which she has directed and performed in a number of its productions, including Salome (title role), Cyrano de Bergerac (Roxane), Jules et Jim (Kathe), and No Exit (Estelle). American by birth but educated in the French school system, in Asia and the United States, multi-lingual with a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education, Monica combines her passions for mathematics and the arts in the creation of television and video productions she authors and hosts, as well as her one-woman show MathMagic and multimedia talks (ex: The Beauty of Mathematics and the Mathematics of Beauty) which she is regularly invited to give as keynote addresses at conferences in countries around the world. The first volume of her upcoming book series, Planting the Seeds of Algebra, will be published in April 2012. As a personal contribution toward a more peaceful world, she cultivates harmony and balance through the practice and teaching of yoga. Didier Rousselet, her partner in life and on stage, is her most assiduous yoga student.