Thierry Collet


After training in sleight of hand techniques with various masters, Thierry Collet took a detour via university and the faculty of psychology before turning to theater and gaining a place at the Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique in Paris. He took an interest in the notions of character, situation, and narration, and began to give new meaning to his work as a magician. From then onward, he began to renew the codes, aesthetics and dramaturgy of magic as an art form in order to render it more in touch with today’s human, social, and political issues - In other words, a contemporary form of magic. As an actor he has been directed by Eric Vigner, Lisa Wurmser, Eugène Durif, Jean Lacornerie and Roland Auzet. As creator and performer, his first four shows were very narrative (L’Enchanteur in 1995, La Baraque des prodiges in 1998, Maître Zacharius in 2000, and L’Ombre in 2004). He then initiated a new cycle of work with Même si c’est faux, c’est vrai (2007). In this new cycle, the magic effects were no longer directly linked to a text but given the space to resonate freely and intuitively around the question of the fragility of the ways in which we perceive what is real. TRUE/FALSE and Influences in 2009 delved deeper into these more psychological and political themes by looking at the question of mind manipulation. From now on, a form of magic that dealt with what is real was the way forward. Thus, Qui-Vive (2012) and Je clique donc je suis (2014) looked into the techniques used for obtaining and using our personal data. Thierry frequently works in an advisory capacity on magic effects in stage shows, and also directs workshops for actors and circus performers, in particular at the Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique.